About us

Atelier Zer0 designs sensory enchantment for audiences through the visual, experiential and spatial composition of performances, spaces or creations.

The studio conceives, develops and manages projects of scenography and design for museums, exhibitions, television, theatre, private and public spaces, interior and exterior, costumes for theatre and cinema and art direction of advertising films and cinema. Through its personalised services, the studio strives to create moving experiences for domestic and international markets with contemporary concepts that are both extraordinarily real and of the highest quality.

The studio is a creative entity that promotes and produces culture via museology and communication projects. It is also a centre of study and production for concepts relating to museums and exhibition design, space design, scenography, costume design and art direction.

The work produced is contemporary culture, multidisciplinary and transversal, coupled with a critical, conceptual and creative reflection of social, cultural and economic intervention.

Atelier Zer0 was formed in 2007 and is based in Lisbon. Luísa Pacheco, the studio art director, leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals with world-class expertise and versatile know-how in numerous creative and technical areas.

Luísa has a wealth of experience in scenography and art direction across many different fields, having produced work in the fields of theatre, cinema, television, exhibitions, designing space, museums and public and private spaces. The talented creative also designs jewellery and is teacher of production design at the Lusófona University in Lisbon.

Luísa was born in Portugal and graduated in fashion design at the Institute of Art and Design, Lisbon. She then worked as a scenographer until moving to London to study theatre design, while creating jewellery collections for selected shops in London. She finished the MA in theatre design at Wimbledon School of Art,London and worked as a scenographer for theatre and film. Luisa then moved back to Lisbon and continued working mainly as a scenographer/art director on film, theatre and TV commercials. Currently, Luisa designs for TV commercials, museum exhibitions, interior design, theatre, film and television; creating visual, aesthetical concepts for several creative areas.

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